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Kansas And Its Surnames

Welcome To My Kansas! This site will be about Kansas, its people and historical events. Like its sister web site (Civil War Days & Those Surnames), which deals with Surnames, so will this site. My field is military (Civil War) and surnames and what better place to hunt for this information then in my own state of Kansas.

Dennis Segelquist



  Upon this journey of hide and seek

many people  have been discovered. 

Their names are told and faces learned

  yet more stories still need uncovered.


  Names alone cannot reveal

the dreams  they would pursue. 

Their pictures help but don't recount

  the journeys they've been through.


  Hardship, strife and struggles

left deep imbedded lines. 

Their faces told of many woes

 as these peoples lives entwined.


  Along the way the path has led

to folks somehow connected

Distant cousins helped link the dots 

and lines were resurrected.


  They not only helped to shape this site

  by the info I did extract,

but inspired urged and cheered me on -

helping my sanity to stay intact! 


Suzi Terrell





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Cousins who I've met and have helped me

immensely along the way -


Richard Olyer

Adriana Farley

Barbara Ohlwiler

Chuck Lockridge

Elaine Homan

Gwen Miller-Youst Johnson

James Mishler

Jeff Hilton

Karen Hett

Karen Lucas Lawless

Katrina Ford

Mark Fiegenbaum

Patty Haydis

Ron Elliott

Ruth Benson Dewsnap

Sue Morrow

Karen Mead

Sue Shelton

Sassy Johnson

Judy Crosswhite-Stratton