Marie’s Adventures

Alex’s Genealogy Chart
Farewell Song!

Music at the Mall!
Marie’s Autobiography

Matt’s Class

Farewell Hymn

What you didn’t see and I couldn’t tape was the American response in song with the English words to that hymn – no words to describe the moment. It was holy Ground!

Click here to see English subtitles

Google Translation – Activities, but more free time, self-development of Christian education for the general public of conventional English language, a group of American volunteers flew in to teach their native language for 2 weeks, and others with American lecturers, but which teachers come from the state of Washington, which is in the very west of America, and actually came 25 and in this way, every week we have around 100 students ranging in age from teenagers to pensioners, who can be said to learn in a fun and very effective way, and the English of the church choir, hey sk, we come to offer a possible perfectly grown-up, it’s about improvement, we like it here we are here and we like to get to know the Slovak culture. Such improvement has its own reasons. The monthly courses are aimed at developing communication skills. They increase pronunciation, spontaneity and fluency in communication. They also improve the understanding of the fluent speech of a native speaker. These courses are more aimed at improving conversation. i.e. the basics of grammar or vocabulary can also be taught basically by self-study, but what is key for a bigger one is talking, talking with someone who uh who is uh actually for whom it is the mother tongue of course we have already done it in the ancestor’s house it is a tradition for almost 15 years but We couldn’t make it happen for the 2 years as vids, so now we are all the more looking forward to the fact that, uh, after those 2 years, we can have it again and we can have this school full even during the holidays.

2022 Summer Progress Report


  1. szterrell says:

    Thank you Marie …I love tagging along on your trip!


  2. Paula Larwick Overholtzer says:

    I’ve just spent the morning reading, re-reading your former stories, and enjoying your photos, dear Marie. I’m most happy to know that Matt accompanied you to Slovakia this time. You are both wonderful examples/role models of what Americans should be like: devoted, committed, interested, willing to share your time with others. I appreciate your videos of Teacher Lisa, Ukrainian genealogy, the farewell song, and Matt’s lesson, all of which make your teaching experience come to life! I have spent lots of time in Poland with friends there, so appreciate the similarities of culture and the fact that Matt was able to spend an emotional day at Auschwitz. So glad that you were back in your beloved, beautiful Slovakia after the years of absence due to COVID. And glad that you were able to distribute your stories to local libraries in Martin. You look so happy and healthy, dear friend. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. szterrell says:

    July 16. Saturday

     Blessings for a beautiful day! Love reading about the lovely people of Slovakia and their tender care of you! Leslie


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