Grace Phelan

  from Lenora J. Phelan and Her Irish Ancestors by Richard F. Oyler

Will Lockridge, husband of Grace Phelan Lockridge (youngest daughter of Daniel and Annie Phelan) with his young daughter Kewpie (Agnes). He did original survey for RR from Williams, AZ to Grand Canyon. Henrietta Phelan Smith (Loy) eldest daughter of Ed and Sarah Phelan. Camelle(Tommie)Phelan youngest daughter of Ed and Sarah Phelan. She was later Sister Virginia Elizabeth.The Little Big Horse was captured from a wild herd of miniature horses by my Grandfather Smith and Uncle Jess Smith and brought out of the Grand Canyon.

Photo and Information courtesy of Barbara Ohlwiler


" ... without consulting her husband, she purchased a new automobile for $500"

Daniel Phelan (1837-1921)on the far right his wife Annie Elizabeth Donohue  (1836-1904) in thecenter is their daughter Rosalia or Grace.  The man is unidentified. The picture was taken about 1902 in Seligman, Arizona.

Information courtesy ofJim Grivich

by Jim Grivish

James Phelan, immigrated from Ireland about 1835.  After helping construct the Erie Canal in New York, the family worked its way across this great country building the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad along the southern route, living in a railroad car. You can tell the order of the children in the family by what state they were born in as their railcar home moved West as the railroad expanded.

Jim's grandmother was born on an Indian reservation in Arizona, with Jim's mother being born here in Los Angeles. Jim's great aunt Annie used to regale the family with tales of how she met Wyatt Earp in the wild west! The picture above was taken just after the turn of the century in Seligman, AZ.


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