The Hunt

It started young with bedtime tales
Of years that had gone by
Gramps told of how they use to live
And how they all had died.

It made me wonder who they were
And what they all had been
So the hunt began for names & dates
To look up all my kin.

I knew there were some famous ones
Like Daniel Boone and Dewey
But had no idea that I would find
that most of them were screwy!

Like old maid Flo who had a fear
Of men and all their groping
She wore a whistle round her neck
(... but I think she was just hoping!)

And then I found an Uncle George
Whose stories send you reeling
He was caught with someone's horse
So they strung him up for stealing.

Next I found old scarlet Lucy
Who ran a house of sin
Till they closed it down & locked her up
For her wicked way with men.

After hearing bout Grandpa Henry
I put my hunt to rest
Could take no more afraid I’d find
That my bloodline's not the best.

So be prepared when you start your hunt
For those ghost that once lay hidden
Could raise and haunt you in the night
And you might regret the diggin!

by Suzi Terrell


  1. Hi – I do hope you’ll get the Dewsnap post going again. I am a big fan of the writings of Aloysius A Smith (famous as ‘Trader Horn’). He met Ms Dewsnap in Africa nad wrote about her. Two sources are Tim Couzens’ book Tramp Royal, and Ian Cutler’s website Cynical Reflections ..
    I’ll keep watching!
    Something about my interest:

    1. Thanks for sharing your info and spending time with my Susannah. I find her life highly interesting and wish I knew more – like, if she’s “really” the one in the Trader Horn tales 🙂

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