The Hunt

~ Listen to it read ~

It started young with bedtime tales

of years that had gone by,

Gramps told of how they use to live

and how they all had died.

It made me wonder who they were

and what they all had been,

so the hunt began for names & dates

to look up all my kin.

I knew there were some famous ones

like Daniel Boone and Dewey,

but had no idea that I would find,

that most of them were screwy!

Like old maid Flo who had a fear

of men and all their groping,

she wore a whistle round her neck

(… but I think she was just hoping!)

And then I found an Uncle George

whose stories send you reeling.

He was caught with someone’s horse

so they strung him up for stealing.

Next I found old scarlet Lucy

who ran a house of sin,

till they closed it down & locked her up

for her wicked way with men.

After hearing bout Grandpa Henry

I put my hunt to rest.

Could take no more afraid I’d find

that my bloodline’s not the best.

So be prepared when you start your hunt

for those ghost that once lay hidden.

Could raise and haunt you in the night

and you might regret the diggin!

 by Suzi Terrell 1984





  1. szterrell says:

    Most of the characters in my poem are fictitious… a few are not. I will leave it to the reader to ponder which are which!! 🙂


  2. David McKamey says:


    I am trying to find any resources on any of the Cunningham families who moved from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to the 96 District of South Carolina in the 1750’s to 60’s.

    In paternal lineage my 5th ggrandfather was a Robt McKemy. He was married to Sarah Jane Cunningham in Augusta Co. Virginia and eventually moved from there to the 96 District following other Cunningham family members.

    Robt was shot and mortally wounded in late 1774 with his will being probated at Charleston on 27 December, 1774. An Andrew Cunningham was a witness listed on Robt’s will as his brother-in-law. Sarah eventually remarried a Patrick Masterson and, along with her twin sister Margaret Cunningham Armstrong, removed to the Knoxville, TN area and then on to northern Alabama.

    I am looking for any information on the ancestors of these Cunninghams. Some researchers say they came to Virginia directly from Scotland, others say they were from Co. Donegal, Ireland which was a part of the Ulster Plantation when King James opened it up to settlers from England and Scotland. Indeed there is two small villages in Donegal called ‘Newtown Cunningham’ and ‘Manor Cunningham’. My paternal lineage moved from Invernessshire in Scotland, located to ManorCunningham before moving across Lough Swilley to Ramelton/Rathmullan.

    As you I am on the hunt.

    Thanks in advance…

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    1. Susan Murphy says:

      Hello Suzi!!
      I was so excited to find your website and work on FAG tonight! My son-in-law is the great-great grandson of Rosalia Phelan Reilly! I was looking on Find A Grave and found all of her siblings and her parents and felt a little sad that she was not there. I just added her into fAG and connected to her her family. The information you have is so precious and it will take some time for me to digest it! I am an old genealogist and have worked on my family since I was young….I have trailed off onto the families of those that have married my children and done some research…..but it is far from complete….so much to do, so little time! If you would like more info on Rosalia’s line, I can share what I know, To be honest, I was not planning on working on this right now but was just filing away some records I had for this family as a bit of housekeeping when i found you! Wow….Hope to connect…Susan Vargas Murphy

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      1. szterrell says:

        Hi Cousin Susan!! So nice to connect – that’s what I LOVE about this stuff. I would love info on Rosalia – PLEASE keep in touch! Sz


    2. Jim Gainer says:

      The book “Adam and 500 More CunninghaMs of the Valley of Virginia” by Betty Cunningham Newman.I is still in print. Also, Jean Ferrell Make is Cooper was a gggggggrandmother.Her father was John Makemie of Old Chester.


      1. Anonymous says:

        I have the book you’ve mentioned. She has done a marvelous job bringing so many Cunningham families together and eliminating several of the myths concerning the beginnings of the family in the colonies.

        The Cunninghams I am most interested in as it relates to me direct line are the ancestors of the group who left Augusta Co. Virginia and moved down to the 96 District of South Carolina. This would include the four Tory Cunninghams and William ‘Bloody Bill’ Cunningham, cousin to the four brothers.

        Are you writing of immigrant John or his son?


    3. Jim Gainer says:

      There is a book ” Adam and 500 more Cunninghams of the Valley of Virginia” by Betty Cunningham Newman. It is still in print.


  3. szterrell says:

    Great info cousin Jim – thanks for stopping by and posting it!


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