Though you thought you were the favorite one

Mom always loved me best

If she were here she’d also say

You were nothing but a pest!


You tired her patience to no end

With all your escapades

I was just your decoy

On all your nightly raids


You’d distract her in the kitchen

While I undid the screen

Then out the window you would go

With Terry and Merlene


You knew I’d cover dodge and lie

To keep from getting caught

You taught me well to do the things

That I knew I should not!


I always felt like Ethel

Caught up in Lucy’s scheme

So girl you’ve got some ‘plaining

On why my soul needs cleaned?


I was such an angel

What spell is it you’re under

She loved me best what can I say

I’m too perfect to even wonder!


So Mom if you’re still listening

To this noise we so belabor

Just for this day let’s all pretend

That she’s the one you favor


by Suzi