West Lawn Notes

from Sue Morrow –

From your website and newspaper references, it looks like your grandmother Nellie spent a lot of time at the West farm in Whitney Point.  In 2009, based on the information in your story, the West cousins celebrated the 100th anniversary of the West’s at the farm in Whitney Point.  Of course now it is just a piece of land with a small pond (and now a pavilion) where my husband goes hunting since they built the reservoir (1935?).  John’s uncle David West owns the land now, and aside from the annual 4th of July cousins, party and my husband’s (and some neighboring landowners I think) hunting, it is mostly unused.  Another piece of the original land is owned by daughter of Robert West, who was Leroy’s brother and spent his life on the farm until the State built the reservoir.  I am not sure if the 4th of July party will happen this year since the State has put up some sort of fence blocking access to the land from the reservoir road, according to my husband.  No one is sure if Uncle David was aware this was coming, or the State just did it, but David is a character, so we may never know.  Anyway, the land that Lyman and Emma farmed is appreciated by this most recent generation which ranges in age from 1 year to 18-ish who look forward to their annual camping trip.