private for Claude Jr

private for Claude Jr. from his sister Peggy

We will be going to Fl. In Oct. To close out our home. I will be bring back the pictures I have. If that is not to late for you. I even have the picture of his incubator. Daddy made it from a chicken incubator. They did not know what he weighed when he was born. But moms wedding ring hung on his wrist. His pupils were not visible for a long time. When he was laid on his side the other side of his head seemed bigger. He had pneumonia 3 times before he was a year old. He was the first one to ring the bells in the big Catholic church in Flagstaff.
He was a jack of all trades master of non. He was in 3 wars he went in the marines at 17. I was 5 years old. He dropped out of school to join. Was put right back into school as a marine.
He was married 3times. He had a son Steve by his first wife Madonna Custic Phelan. He has one grand son Douglas and 4 great grand children. They were in Baltimore MD last I heard from them.
Claude bought me cowboy boots with his first pay check. He taught me to shoot craps when I was 5. He could work the jaws of life for the police dept. In Fl. When he was in his lat 60’s. It would take me many tablets to tell you of all I can remember about him. God truly Blesses us with such a wonderful brother.