Gary Miller Youst

Shortly after we moved my mother-in-law up from California we took her to see the beautiful Oregon coast.  Half way there we stopped just outside of McMinnville at the Lawrence Gallery for an ‘art break’.  Terry was an artist and enjoyed the tour.  As a tall good looking business guy in cowboy boots came up to show us around I noticed his name badge … Gary Miller-Youst.  I commented that I had Youst in my family but he brushed it off pointing out that his Yost had a U in it and not real common.  I told him my Youst did also and again, casually brushing me off said “Well if you have an Albert then we may be related”.  Excitedly I stopped and said “I’ve got Albert!

Well that still didn’t impress him much probably thinking it was still a real long shot.  When we got home I copied the photo and sent the original to Gary at the gallery.   I missed his call but the message said “Albert was my grandfather and taught me all I know about horses – thanking me very much”.  We didn’t exchange contact info or keep in touch, but I later learned he was not only a famous artist – but an actor as well!  Technology has now brought us together to at least view snippets of each other’s lives – thank you Facebook!