Emily Annette DEWSNAP Grider

Emily was the youngest daughter of Robert A. and Ruth G. (Phelan) Dewsnap, born in Needles Ca., June 28th, 1953.

Moving to Escondido when she was 10, she finished school early at Orange Glen high opting to go to work at Hewlett-Packard in 1972 on their assembly line, where on breaks she’d hang out watching their ‘techies’ program and trouble shoot … that’s where she caught the bug to learn more. From there she went to Hughes Aircraft and after that had many years of self-taught experience in the IT field.

She moved to Colorado Springs then married her high school sweetheart Dale Grider in 1985, who passed away a year before she did.

Emily’s greatest passion was singing / toning with Dr. Todd Ovokaity’s and the Lemurian choir as they traveled the globe to Sacred sites, opening energetic doorways to Heaven. She developed strong ties to Lee Carol & KRYON as she traveled with the choir.

She had recently retired from ARK (Advanced Resonance Kinetics) involved with “Crystal Technology for Well-Being”, another main interest of hers. She had just bought a house in Goodyear Az with the hopes of making it into a Healing Center – she ended up being its first patient, and only got to enjoy it for a few days before passing.

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