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Courtesy of Aley's website Jacob H. Aley's house built in 1889 at 1505 Fairview, Wichita, Kansas.

The painting is an Acrylic by Dennis A. Aley



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  1. Allen Lester Aley
    husband of 2nd great-aunt
    Jessie Reed (1884 – )
    wife of Allen Lester Aley
    Thomas Vinton Reed (1837 – 1922)
    father of Jessie Reed
    Alpheus Scott Reed (1869 – 1955)
    son of Thomas Vinton Reed
    Eunice Ann Reed (1904 – 1990)
    daughter of Alpheus Scott Reed
    Ruth Genevieve Phelan (1926 – 2006)
    daughter of Eunice Ann Reed
    Suzi Dewsnap
    You are the daughter of Ruth Genevieve Phelan

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