Anne Taylor ELLIOTT Irvine

Mrs. A.T. Irvine, the mother of Mrs. W.C. Lansdon of this city died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Robert Stack in Woodworth , La. , last night at twelve o’clock of heart failure. She had been in very frail health for a long time and a fatal termination of her illness was not unexpected. Mrs. Irvine was the widow of Colonel W.A. Irvine, a distinguished confederate soldier who was an officer in Morgan’s famous cavalry corps. Col. and Mrs. Irvine came to Kansas in pioneer days and were among the first settlers at Pawnee Rock in Pawnee County , Kansas. For many months Mrs. Irvine was the only white woman at Pawnee Rock. Colonel Irvine died about 10 years ago and is buried at Fort. Scott.

From the postmasters of Pawnee Rock – I practically grew up in the Pawnee Rock post office.  Roger Unruh sorted the mail. Before Dad got the permanent job of carrying the rural mail, he was the fill-in guy behind Virgil Smith. Occasionally — and this was long before the super-serious-security days in which we live — Cheryl and I would get to help sort the mail into the mailboxes and the outgoing bags. (If you got the wrong mail in those days, I apologize.) During a visit to the post office this month, I wondered aloud who all the postmasters had been. And lo, Merita Rice pulled out a framed list. Here they are. Note that the post office has been open for 134 years and 1 day. Annie T. Irvine — April 24, 1873

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