Dorothea Damon Phelan

My Aunt Dorothea gave me my love of antiques and rekindled my  love of family history, when reading her book.  Between her and Richard Oyler's book,  I wanted to create something that all of us could be a part of.  I hope I attained that in putting this site together.

Suzi Terrell

... soon to be in final print!

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  1. Dorothea Page
    wife of uncle
    Robert Francis Phelan (1930 – )
    husband of Dorothea Page
    Eugene Frances Phelan (1891 – 1976)
    father of Robert Francis Phelan
    Ruth Genevieve Phelan (1926 – 2006)
    daughter of Eugene Frances Phelan
    Suzi Dewsnap
    You are the daughter of Ruth Genevieve Phelan

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