Florence McDougall

Auntie Florence was a great ol gal who at one time worked for the Rock Island Railroad. She was born on December 30, 1896. I remember her always wearing a whistle around her neck to blow in case of rape!!  She is the “Ol maid Flo” I refer to in my The Hunt poem 😉   Florence some how had it in her mind that Rick and I were Mays family and she was part of his cousin Donny’s.  She had lots of pages of family history that she was willing to share with them, but since May was never interested in genealogy, she wasn’t going to share the information with me … until much later in our marriage when she finally relinquished.  So I owe her a great deal not only for her work of keeping the history, but for ‘passing the torch’ to me.

Aunt Florence died on September 29, 1988 after being hospitalized shortly for a broken hip she’d received after slipping on a curb and falling with her arms full of groceries. She came through the operation just fine, was up walking and joking with the therapists on either arm, when they noticed she missed taking a step – and was gone. What a nice way to go … laughing and looking forward! by Suzi Terrell

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