Henry Sexauer was born in Germany and settled in this area, one mile north of the present Ankeny city limits.

He and his wife had nine children: Albert married Emma Thief, Henry Jr. married Dora Miller, Isabel married an Albright, Lille and Lydia (twins) Lillie married a Guthrie, Lydia married a Moeekly, Jacob married Lizzie Kirtz, Robert married  Elizabeth Bristol, Ophelia married Will Miller, and Theodore married Exie Spahr. Henry  Jr.  fir9t  lived  on  the west Jde of Highway 69 two miles north of Ankeny. In 1910 he built the house where Griffieons now live. (Mrs. Grilfieon is his granddaughter)

Theodore was a Professor at Iowa State University in Annes at one time.

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