Hiram Wheeler

courtesy of Ancestry.com

Wheeler, Hiram, New Haven, was born in New Haven, Vt., on March 19, 1823, and where, with the exception of eighteen years, he has lived. He was married in 1849 to Ann E. Hard, a daughter of Lansing and Aurilla (Marsh) Hard, of Ferrisburgh, Vt., and by whom he had two children — Hermina (Mrs. W. L. Whittier) and Sophronia (Mrs. C. B. Drake). His parents were Orrin and Huldah (Field) Wheeler. Orrin Wheeler was born on February 3, 1799, and was married in 1822 to Huldah Field, a daughter of Stephen Field, of Ferrisburgh, Vt., by whom he had eleven children — Hiram, John, Delia, Martha, Edson, Horace, Preserved, Milton, Ida, Annie, and Henry. He died on the homestead in 1867, aged sixty-eight years. Hiram Wheeler’s paternal grandfather was Preserved Wheeler, who was born in Lanesborough, Mass., and with his parents removed to Wyoming, Pa., at an early day, and where his father, Peter, was killed at the time of the Indian massacre, when his mother with her three children made her way back to Lanesborough, Mass., with the aid of one horse. Preserved Wheeler was born in Lanesborough, Mass., June 9, 1769, and came to New Haven, Vt., in 1781; settled on the farm now owned by A. T. Smith. He was married in 1790 to Esther Bacon, of Lanesborough, Mass., and by whom he had eight children — Horace, Annie, Polly, Orrin, Tolman, Preserved, jr., Bacon, and Hiram; and by his second wife, Polly Johnson, he had five children — Esther L., Royal, Caroline, Henry, and Betsey. He died on March 15, 1856.

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