Otis Myron Kittle

Otis M. Kittle was born Aug. 3,
1871, in North Branch, Mich.; and died
at Loma Linda, Calif., Nov. 29, 1955. He
became a Christian in his youth. After
studying at the Battle Creek College, he
spent 2 years as a colporteur in the Michigan

He was married to Carrie Habenicht in
1899. They were connected with the Colfax
Sanitarium in Iowa for several years,
then were called to the Chamberlain Sanitarium
in South Dakota, where Brother
Kittle was chaplain and Bible teacher, and
pastor of the church. He was ordained to
the ministry in 1908. Soon after this he
was transferred to Plainview Academy,
where he was Bible teacher. Then followed
years of pastoral work in Tennessee,
Michigan, Illinois, and Colorado. His
last years of service were in San Diego,
Calif., where he was pastor of the East
San Diego church.

Failing health forced his retirement.

Since 1944 Elder and Mrs. Kittle had lived
in Loma Linda. He is survived by his wife,
Carrie, and a brother, Orra Kittle. He now
rests until the Life-giver calls him on the
resurrection morning.

Carrie G. Habenicht Kittle was born
Dec. 10, 1874, in Iowa; and died at Loma
Linda, Calif., Apr. 25, 1962. Her husband,
Elder Otis M. Kittle, and 6 brothers and 2
sisters preceded her in death.

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