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 Phelan Family Chronicles YearContributorPage199512 Days of Christmas82006Albert Youst History151984Allysen & Darrell Spivey42005Allysen & John Fahning8, 92006Allysen & John Fahning12, 132007Allysen & John Fahning10, 11, 122008Allysen & John Fahning16 – 192009Allysen & John Fahning92010Allysen & John Fahning72011Allysen & John Fahning28, 292012Allysen & John Fahning172013Allysen & John Fahning112014Allysen & John Fahning23, 242005Allysen & John’s Wedding8, 91990Allysen & Tom Holzwarth51992Allysen & Tom Holzwarth31993Allysen Phelan81995Allysen Phelan101997Allysen Phelan71998Allysen Phelan132000Allysen Phelan72001Allysen Phelan52003Allysen Phelan52004Allysen Phelan231986Anita & Jim Lingenfeller51987Anita & Jim Lingenfeller11988Anita & Jim Lingenfeller22000Ariana Zozaya22004Ariana Zozaya21991Audrey & Mark Pulse71992Audrey & Mark Pulse13, 161993Audrey & Mark Pulse10, 111994Audrey & Mark Pulse41996Audrey & Mark Pulse51997Audrey & Mark Pulse31998Audrey & Mark Pulse111999Audrey & Mark Pulse112000Audrey & Mark Pulse62004Audrey & Mark Pulse12, 132005Audrey & Mark Pulse12, 132006Audrey & Mark Pulse112007Audrey & Mark Pulse202008Audrey & Mark Pulse12, 132009Audrey & Mark Pulse132010Audrey & Mark Pulse12, 132011Audrey & Mark Pulse142012Audrey & Mark Pulse161990Audrey & Mark’s Wedding61987Audrey Dewsnap61988Audrey Dewsnap21989Audrey Dewsnap22014Aunt Em turning 902 -41990Babe Lillian Wight41992Babe Wight121994Babe Wight51995Babe Wight121998Babe Wight31999Babe Wight42000Babe Wight32002Babe Wight22003Babe Wight82004Babe Wight112005Babe Wight182006Babe Wight71998Barbara McClure42012Barbara Ohlwiler14, 152014Barbara Ohlwiler131993Beth Redman42003Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap92004Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap122005Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap62007Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap32008Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap20, 212009Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap142010Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap182011Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap22, 232012Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap102014Bill & Dyanne Dewsnap27, 281984Bill & Heather Dewsnap41985Bill & Heather Dewsnap (prt 1)11985Bill & Heather Dewsnap (prt 2)51984Bill & Jane Phelan31985Bill & Jane Phelan31991Bill & Jane Phelan101989Bill & Jane Phelan 51990 JulyBill & Jane Phelan 71988Bill & Jane Phelan (called)21996Bill & Willow Retirement21997Bill & Willow Seibert61999Bill & Willow Seibert122000Bill & Willow Seibert62003Bill & Willow Seibert62004Bill & Willow Seibert192007Bill & Willow Seibert132008Bill & Willow Seibert192009Bill & Willow Seibert192010Bill & Willow Seibert52011Bill & Willow Seibert162012Bill & Willow Seibert22013Bill & Willow Seibert32014Bill & Willow Seibert61986Bill Dewsnap21987Bill Dewsnap21990Bill Dewsnap41991Bill Dewsnap41992Bill Dewsnap12, 191993Bill Dewsnap11, 131994Bill Dewsnap31996Bill Dewsnap41997Bill Dewsnap41998Bill Dewsnap4, 52000Bill Dewsnap52001Bill Dewsnap71989Bill Dewsnap 11990 JulyBill Dewsnap 81988Bill Dewsnap (called)21998Bill Seibert162012Birth of Calvin52013Birth of Nathaniel Terrell131985Bob & Dorothea Phelan51986Bob & Dorothea Phelan41987Bob & Dorothea Phelan41988Bob & Dorothea Phelan11984Bob & Dorthea Phelan11984Bruce & Kathy Damon11986Bruce & Kathy Damon3-41987Bruce & Kathy Damon21989Bruce & Kathy Damon51990Bruce & Kathy Damon81996Candymaker’s Witness121999Carol Phelan41984Catherine & Bob Zozaya41985Catherine & Bob Zozaya21986Catherine & Bob Zozaya21987Catherine & Bob Zozaya61988Catherine & Bob Zozaya51989Catherine & Bob Zozaya31990Catherine & Bob Zozaya5,81991Catherine & Bob Zozaya31992Catherine & Bob Zozaya16, 191993Catherine & Bob Zozaya161994Catherine & Bob Zozaya5, 7, 91995Catherine & Bob Zozaya131996Catherine & Bob Zozaya71997Catherine & Bob Zozaya51999Catherine & Bob Zozaya102000Catherine & Bob Zozaya8, 92001Catherine & Bob Zozaya22002Catherine & Bob Zozaya92003Catherine & Bob Zozaya42004Catherine & Bob Zozaya72005Catherine & Bob Zozaya112007Catherine & Bob Zozaya152008Catherine & Bob Zozaya42009Catherine & Bob Zozaya8, 92010Catherine & Bob Zozaya222011Catherine & Bob Zozaya162013Catherine & Bob Zozaya22, 232014Catherine & Bob Zozaya152005Catherine chg to Heartsong112006Catherine Heartsong71991Catherine’s Graduation31996Chaise Zozaya’s Birth21986Christmas Games & Poems81987Christmas History & Games82004Cover Drawing by Justine Pulse 2007Dale’s Poem – Deep in Dog Hair81998Daniel & Annie Phelan History21991Dennis Barton21993Dennis Barton14, 172006Dorothea – remembering Ruth41989Dorothea Phelan21990Dorothea Phelan61991Dorothea Phelan81992Dorothea Phelan181993Dorothea Phelan61994Dorothea Phelan13, 141995Dorothea Phelan21996Dorothea Phelan31997Dorothea Phelan111998Dorothea Phelan51999Dorothea Phelan112000Dorothea Phelan22001Dorothea Phelan32002Dorothea Phelan62003Dorothea Phelan102004Dorothea Phelan102005Dorothea Phelan10, 112006Dorothea Phelan82007Dorothea Phelan72008Dorothea Phelan22, 232009Dorothea Phelan152010Dorothea Phelan6, 72011Dorothea Phelan32012Dorothea Phelan42013Dorothea Phelan8, 92014Dorothea Phelan222015Dorothea Phelan181990 JulyDorothea Phelan51991Edward Phelan History111985Emily & Dale Grider31986Emily & Dale Grider11988Emily & Dale Grider51989Emily & Dale Grider61990Emily & Dale Grider101991Emily & Dale Grider91992Emily & Dale Grider15, 181993Emily & Dale Grider171994Emily & Dale Grider151995Emily & Dale Grider91996Emily & Dale Grider101997Emily & Dale Grider81998Emily & Dale Grider151999Emily & Dale Grider52000Emily & Dale Grider112001Emily & Dale Grider92002Emily & Dale Grider32003Emily & Dale Grider112004Emily & Dale Grider172005Emily & Dale Grider242006Emily & Dale Grider62007Emily & Dale Grider8, 92008Emily & Dale Grider23 – 252009Emily & Dale Grider202010Emily & Dale Grider16, 172011Emily & Dale Grider20, 212012Emily & Dale Grider152013Emily & Dale Grider52014Emily & Dale Grider16, 172015Emily & Dale Grider111990 JulyEmily & Dale Grider21990 JulyEmily & Dale Grider82002Emily & Dale Grider (prt 2)71985Emily & Dale’s Wedding41984Emily Davis31987Emily Grider52015Emily Kantner131996Emily Kantner’s Birth21984Emily Phelan31985Emily Phelan2-31986Emily Phelan51987Emily Phelan31990Emily Phelan10, 111991Emily Phelan5, 71992Emily Phelan81993Emily Phelan31994Emily Phelan4, 61995Emily Phelan31996Emily Phelan61997Emily Phelan61998Emily Phelan61999Emily Phelan92000Emily Phelan22002Emily Phelan52003Emily Phelan92004Emily Phelan22005Emily Phelan72006Emily Phelan42007Emily Phelan132008Emily Phelan92009Emily Phelan7, 72010Emily Phelan4, 52011Emily Phelan10, 112012Emily Phelan132013Emily Phelan32015Emily Phelan121990 JulyEmily Phelan1,32013Erin Kantner102015Erin Kantner101999Family History62010Family Reunion – Hueston Woods 8, 92012Family Reunion – Salman Creek131999Family Reunion Info21993Family Reunion Invite22000Family Reunion Sunitsch Canyon11984Family Tree61990Family Tree14, 152014Frank & Rosie Kantner6, 72015Frank & Rosie Kantner101985From Our Hearts7-81986From Our Hearts101987From Our Hearts91988From Our Hearts71989From Our Hearts7-81990From Our Hearts12, 131991From Our Hearts131992From Our Hearts20, 211993From Our Hearts191994From Our Hearts161995From Our Hearts101996From Our Hearts111997From Our Hearts121998From Our Hearts191999From Our Hearts152000From Our Hearts122001From Our Hearts102002From Our Hearts122003From Our Hearts142004From Our Hearts142005From Our Hearts142006From Our Hearts17, 182007From Our Hearts222008From Our Hearts332009From Our Hearts272010From Our Hearts242011From Our Hearts342012From Our Hearts182013From Our Hearts272014From Our Hearts282015From Our Hearts201992Games221993Games12, 152008Gary Miller-Youst71997Gene Phelan for Cnty Recorder71995Going For A Ride, Ruth Dewsnap61984Grandma Eunice Phelan51986Grandma Eunice Phelan51987Grandma Eunice Phelan41988Grandma Eunice Phelan41989Grandma Eunice Phelan21988Guess Who Photos61992Health Letter, Info Sought2, 32011Hillary Pulse6, 72012Hillary Pulse122013Hillary Pulse4, 52014Hillary Pulse9, 102015Hillary Pulse16, 171992Hillary Pulse’s Birth132011History – Family32, 331984History of Christmas101984History of Christmas & Games92004History of Daniel & Anne Phelan102010History of Virginia Brake231985Is There a Santa Claus?102010Jagger Monterastelli221993James F. Phelan3, 72015Jane & Drew Derrick72015Jane & Drew’s Wedding71992Jane Phelan71993Jane Phelan151994Jane Phelan12, 131995Jane Phelan111997Jane Phelan131998Jane Phelan141999Jane Phelan132000Jane Phelan42001Jane Phelan52003Jane Phelan112004Jane Phelan182005Jane Phelan102006Jane Phelan142007Jane Phelan192008Jane Phelan14, 152009Jane Phelan222010Jane Phelan192011Jane Phelan18, 192013Jane Phelan21, 222014Jane Phelan18, 191999Jessie Damon72000Jessie Damon112001Jessie Damon62002Jessie Damon22013Jim & Jordan Phelan23, 242014Jim & Jordan Phelan25, 262015Jim & Jordan Phelan14, 152014Jim & Jordan’s Wedding262009Jim Phelan212011Jim Phelan24, 252004Jim Phelan92012Jim w Jordan Phelan8, 91993Joe Seibert6, 81995Joe Seibert61996Joe Seibert21997Joe Seibert21998Joe Seibert12, 132007Joe Seibert21, 222009Joe Seibert182010Joe Seibert32013Joe Seibert9, 102008John & Kathy McNerney252004John & Kathy McNerney52005John & Kathy McNerney41987Jokes & Games71990July Reunion Photos2,32011Justine Pulse22005Justine’s anniversary16, 171995Justine’s Courage 11989Justine’s Birth21993Kathy & Ted’s Wedding72003Katrina & Marcus Briscoe122004Katrina & Marcus Briscoe21-232005Katrina & Marcus Briscoe152006Katrina & Marcus Briscoe122007Katrina & Marcus Briscoe172009Katrina & Marcus Briscoe23 – 252011Katrina & Marcus Briscoe172003Katrina & Marcus Wedding122004Katrina as Editor 1987Katrina Zozaya51988Katrina Zozaya41991Katrina Zozaya31999Katrina Zozaya92000Katrina Zozaya102001Katrina Zozaya42002Katrina Zozaya10, 111990Leslyn & Bill Kantner111991Leslyn & Bill Kantner71992Leslyn & Bill Kantner41993Leslyn & Bill Kantner41994Leslyn & Bill Kantner11, 121995Leslyn & Bill Kantner41996Leslyn & Bill Kantner81997Leslyn & Bill Kantner141998Leslyn & Bill Kantner81999Leslyn & Bill Kantner82001Leslyn & Bill Kantner82002Leslyn & Bill Kantner102003Leslyn & Bill Kantner32004Leslyn & Bill Kantner18, 192005Leslyn & Bill Kantner18, 191990 JulyLeslyn & Bill Kantner4,61984Leslyn & Rocky Rockefeller12006Leslyn Kantner10, 112007Leslyn Kantner18, 192008Leslyn Kantner11, 121985Leslyn Rockefeller11986Leslyn Rockefeller11987Leslyn Rockefeller51988Leslyn Rockefeller21989Leslyn Rockefeller soon Kantner62009Leslyn w Harlan Kantner11, 122010Leslyn w Harlan Kantner20, 212011Leslyn w Harlan Kantner12, 132012Leslyn w Harlan Kantner32013Leslyn w Harlan Kantner20, 212014Leslyn w Harlan Kantner14, 152015Leslyn w Harlan Kantner19, 201990 JulyLeslyn Wedding61990Maggie & Richard’s Wedding111990 JulyMaggie Wenning51985Mamie Tudd & Cartoons62008Mike & Jen Phelan322012Mike & Jen Phelan52013Mike & Jen Phelan25, 262014Mike & Jen Phelan8, 92015Mike & Jen Phelan21, 222008Mike & Jen’s Wedding322013Mike & Jim Editors 2002Mike Phelan52003Mike Phelan32004Mike Phelan8, 92005Mike Phelan132006Mike Phelan141990Molokai Adventure131996Nolan Pulse’s Birth21984Old Photos71987Old Photos111990Old Photos15 , 16, 171993Owen Donahue History121984Pat & Carl LaChapelle21985Pat & Carl LaChapelle5-61986Pat & Carl LaChapelle61987Pat & Carl LaChapelle21988Pat & Carl LaChapelle32008Patrick & Elizabeth Phelan10, 112010Patrick & Elizabeth Phelan102011Patrick & Elizabeth Phelan26, 272012Patrick & Elizabeth Phelan18, 192013Patrick & Elizabeth Phelan14 – 162014Patrick & Elizabeth Phelan10 -122015Patrick & Elizabeth Phelan8, 91998Patrick & Elizabeth’s Wedding91984Patrick Phelan11990Patrick Phelan51992Patrick Phelan4, 61998Patrick Phelan92004Patrick Phelan61990Paul & Mary Wight1,41991Paul & Mary Wight12, 131992Paul & Mary Wight11, 131993Paul & Mary Wight141994Paul & Mary Wight101995Paul & Mary Wight141996Paul & Mary Wight91997Paul & Mary Wight101998Paul & Mary Wight101999Paul & Mary Wight72000Paul & Mary Wight52001Paul & Mary Wight62003Paul & Mary Wight42004Paul & Mary Wight102011Paul & Mary Wight71987Peggy Schmid31991Phelan History121994Phelan History1, 21984Poem & Linage Chart81994Poem, Dale Grider81996Prayers for Katie12013Predictions19, 291995Rachel Hall82002Rachel Hall 41990Recipe & Crafts7, 92005Red Hats Mothers Day20, 211992Reilly Family Tree231985Remember When91986Remember When91987Remember When101988Remember When71989Remember When8-91990Remember When5,1992Remember When191993Remember When181994Remember When161998Remember When181999Remember When122001Remember When102002Remember When122004Remember When92007Remember When222009Remember When 2010Remember When231992Richard & Lenore Oyler91993Richard & Lenore Oyler121994Richard & Lenore Oyler11995Richard & Lenore Oyler51996Richard & Lenore Oyler91997Richard & Lenore Oyler71998Richard & Lenore Oyler102000Richard & Lenore Oyler72001Richard & Lenore Oyler72003Richard & Lenore Oyler62004Richard & Lenore Oyler32005Richard & Lenore Oyler222006Richard & Lenore Oyler132007Richard & Lenore Oyler142008Richard & Lenore Oyler52009Richard & Lenore Oyler122010Richard & Lenore Oyler42011Richard & Lenore Oyler72012Richard & Lenore Oyler91992Robert & Janice Zozaya14, 15, 171994Robert & Janice Zozaya61991Robert & Janice’s Wedding61994Robert & Joni Phelan111999Robert & Joni Phelan132001Robert & Joni Phelan92002Robert & Joni Phelan22003Robert & Joni Phelan72006Robert & Joni Phelan162008Robert & Joni Phelan28 – 302011Robert & Joni Phelan272012Robert & Joni Phelan111999Robert & Joni’s Wedding132008Robert & Joni’s Wedding281989Robert & Kristin Phelan41988Robert & Kristin’s Wedding41986Robert Phelan61996Robert Phelan72007Robert Phelan122007Robert w Rainy Zozaya142008Robert w Rainy Zozaya312009Robert w Rainy Zozaya102010Robert w Rainy Zozaya192011Robert w Rainy Zozaya4, 51987Robert Zozaya11988Robert Zozaya31989Robert Zozaya31991Robert Zozaya6, 72004Robert Zozaya15, 161992Rosalia Phelan History, Jim Grivich1, 31984Ruth Dewsnap21985Ruth Dewsnap11986Ruth Dewsnap31987Ruth Dewsnap61988Ruth Dewsnap11989Ruth Dewsnap41990Ruth Dewsnap61991Ruth Dewsnap51992Ruth Dewsnap111993Ruth Dewsnap101994Ruth Dewsnap81995Ruth Dewsnap21996Ruth Dewsnap61997Ruth Dewsnap111998Ruth Dewsnap71999Ruth Dewsnap82000Ruth Dewsnap32001Ruth Dewsnap32002Ruth Dewsnap32003Ruth Dewsnap52004Ruth Dewsnap112005Ruth Dewsnap31990 JulyRuth Dewsnap62006Ryan – remembering Ruth92003Ryan & Laree Terrell22005Ryan & Laree Terrell2, 32006Ryan & Laree Terrell102007Ryan & Laree Terrell162008Ryan & Laree Terrell26, 272009Ryan & Laree Terrell52011Ryan & Laree Terrell152013Ryan & Laree Terrell17 -192014Ryan & Laree Terrell202015Ryan & Laree Terrell62003Ryan & Laree’s Wedding21998Ryan Terrell171999Ryan Terrell32000Ryan Terrell42001Ryan Terrell42002Ryan Terrell42013Sara Kantner122014Sara Kantner20, 212015Sara Kantner4, 51992Sara Kantner’s Birth41990 JulySteve Franklin21984Suzi & Rick Terrell21985Suzi & Rick Terrell41986Suzi & Rick Terrell71987Suzi & Rick Terrell51988Suzi & Rick Terrell21989Suzi & Rick Terrell11990Suzi & Rick Terrell71991Suzi & Rick Terrell41992Suzi & Rick Terrell101993Suzi & Rick Terrell131994Suzi & Rick Terrell91995Suzi & Rick Terrell141996Suzi & Rick Terrell31997Suzi & Rick Terrell91998Suzi & Rick Terrell16, 171999Suzi & Rick Terrell32000Suzi & Rick Terrell92001Suzi & Rick Terrell62002Suzi & Rick Terrell82003Suzi & Rick Terrell82004Suzi & Rick Terrell172005Suzi & Rick Terrell232006Suzi & Rick Terrell82007Suzi & Rick Terrell102008Suzi & Rick Terrell8, 92009Suzi & Rick Terrell16, 172010Suzi & Rick Terrell112011Suzi & Rick Terrell8, 92012Suzi & Rick Terrell6, 72013Suzi & Rick Terrell13, 142014Suzi & Rick Terrell5, 62015Suzi & Rick Terrell2, 31990 JulySuzi & Rick Terrell1,3,41987Taiz & Jim Monterastelli61988Taiz & Jim Monterastelli31991Taiz & Jim Monterastelli111992Taiz & Jim Monterastelli101993Taiz & Jim Monterastelli51994Taiz & Jim Monterastelli141995Taiz & Jim Monterastelli71986Taiz & Jim’s Wedding41984Taiz Phelan12014Teresa & Forest Newton242015Teresa & Forest Newton52007Teresa & Forest Newton Newton4. 51990Teresa Murphy92002Tim & Barb McClure7, 112003Tim & Barb McClure132005Tim & Barb McClure152007Tim & Barb McClure62008Tim & Barb McClure6,71984Tom & Delphia photos81991Tom Phelan History12010Tribute to Babe14, 151992Tribute to Bill Phelan51999Tribute to Bob Dewsnap142011Tribute to Claude Phelan Jr.30, 312011Tribute to Father Walter Phelan292008Tribute to Fred Barton 152005Tribute to Garrett McNerney52009Tribute to Jack Phelan3, 42013Tribute to James F. Phelan62009Tribute to Jessis Damon262008Tribute to Lloyd Purcell302006Tribute to Nita32009Tribute to Pappy262012Tribute to Richard & Lenore Oyler172006Tribute to Ruth51988Tribute to Uncle Bob Phelan82011uE Congratulations132000Virginia Brake31993Walter Phelan91996Walter Phelan 91992Walter Phelan History91999Walter’s Golden Jubilee71991Willow Seibert91987Zozaya Rebuttal12 

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