Robert Reed

Robert Reed

Bob Reed, an active representative of young America, and who had never been able to appreciate his Hans Anderson or Grimms, is appalled when in his freshman year he is confronted by a demand from his English teacher, that he write some lines on Fairy Lore.  After a hard struggle he triumphantly produced the following:

“I must write some lines on Fairy Lore!

That’s simply most distracting!

I can’t recall a single name,

much less the tale or acting”.

“My education along that line

I early sought to barter;

with friends I traded fairy tales

for those of old Nic Carter’.

“In vain, my mother read to me,

tale, legend, song, threnody;

I listened only with my ears,

my mind was with Bill Cody”.

“But since I try, I do recall

a few old tales, the greatest,

I think that they are very old.

I know they’re not the latest”.

“I remember the Giant Killer slew

the wolf that ate Snow White’

and that Red Riding Hood devoured

her Grandmother in one bite”.

“That Goldilocks was very wild’

ran away to live in the wood,

where she made enemies of three brown bears,

by spoiling their breakfast food”.

“I also remember “Aladdin’s Chair!

and Grandfathers wonderful lamp!

and the pranks that Sinbad the Tailer played

left on my mind their stamp!”.

“Since I have got started, I do recall

quite a number as clearly as these;

but I think I shall stop, for the class I might bore

and I always endeavor to please”.

saved and typed by Emma Irvine Reed

(Bobby’s Mother)

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