Virginia Victoria CUNNINGHAM Youst

1852 – 1918

History by her g-grandson Paul Wight

Virginia Youst was born April 25, 1852, and died during the national flu epidemic in 1918 on October 21s.  Records show that she is buried in plot 497 of Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Flagstaff Arizona however, the cemetery has no record of their internment.

In the autumn years of her life, Virginia Youst went to live with Delphi and Tom in Flagstaff.  Shortly thereafter their playing cards disappeared.  This lead to a discussion between Virginia Youst and her son-in-law, Tom.  Virginia expressed her opinion that cards were the invention of the devil, fit only for gambling halls and saloons and had no place in a proper family parlor.  Tom was of the opinion that playing cards could be good entertainment and mental stimuli and wanted playing cards for his children to play with at home if they so desired.  The discussion concluded. The cards reappeared and granddaughter, Marcella Phelan enjoyed a game of solitaire in her adolescent until her 80’s.

photos  courtesy of her g-granddaughter Bobbie Ohlwiler

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