Wyatt Earp

My cousin Jim Grivish sent this to me captioned with – Daniel Phelan on the far right his wife Annie Elizabeth Donohue and in the center is their daughter Grace. The man was “unidentified”. The picture was taken about 1902 in Seligman, Arizona. Other cousins think the lady on the right is Daniel’s daughter Rosela with her daughter Annie or Minnie ???

My thought is that back then folks didn’t have money to take pictures unless it was a formal portrait or a pretty special occasion … the only thing I see in this photo is that possibly there was a very “special person” with them – I’ll let others tell me if I’m right or wrong on this one – but because I’ve heard so many stories of Wyatt Earp visiting my family and teaching the girls how to play cards – I think that’s who it is 🙂

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